Ed Powers Bus Stop Tales

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Long before all the reality porn sites popped up on the net, Ed Powers paved the way with his Bus Stop Tales series. Bus Stop Tales #1 was released in 1989. Reality porn, which would also become known as gonzo porn, was a relatively new concept and Ed Powers was writing the book. Bus Stop Tales #1 was an instant hit with fans of adult entertainment and they demanded more. Not one to let his fans down, Ed went on to create over a dozen more movies in the Bus Stop Tales series and his fan base continued to grow.

Today, the Ed Powers "Bus Stop Tails" series is considered a classic and is often refered to as "the one that started it all". The Bus Stop Tales videos can be difficult if not impossible to find in video stores but many of the volumes and individual scenes are available for streaming online. Hot Movies Video on Demand seems to have the biggest collection available at this time although they are missing Volume #2 and a couple of the later releases. They also have a huge collection of Ed's Dirty Debutantes Series. Since these videos were shot over 20 years ago, you can't expect blu-ray like image quality but they are still very watchable and you can check out the free trailers and even get some free minutes if you're a new Hot Movies user.

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